Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is more than taking a small chainsaw or long-handled snips to dying or dead limbs.

At S&J Tree Service, we call this process “cleaning.” And cleaning merely begins the attention, experience, and far-reaching knowledge we’ll bring to bear on keeping your trees healthy and, more importantly, keeping your property safe.  We know at S&J Tree Service that the careful removal of live branches reduces the density of the tree, thereby making it less resistant to Wichita’s idiot winds, more likely to come through a severe storm with little or no damage to the tree or to the structures below.

S&J Tree Service is a Certified Arborist.


Here is where S&J’s Certified Arborist designation helps us separate ourselves from the rest of the Wichita tree crowd. We can identify those oaks and elms and cottonwoods that should not be pruned in the above way: only where the crown is over-dense should the removal of live limbs be undertaken, and then only on the outer parts of the canopy, leaving as many branches as possible on the interior of the crown. Sometimes, we’ll shorten selective branches just to improve the appearance of the tree, its form and shape.

S&J Tree Service will also look for trees in need of “raising,” as we turn to lower branches to be pruned to increase the sunlight reaching grass and ground covers beneath the crown. Raising also makes mowing much easier, much safer — the rider no longer ducking and dodging around low-hanging limbs and branches.

S&J Tree Service will evaluate every tree on your property.

S&J Tree Service will evaluate, one at a time, every tree in your yard, or around your place of business. to ensure long-lived, safe, beautiful trees. Only then will we bring out the snips and chainsaws, as we work to ensure long-lived, safe, beautiful trees just everywhere you look.

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