Tree Removal

There comes a time when even the tallest elm, the most aged oak must be removed

Their long, beautiful, useful lives stand as perhaps the greatest of trees’ virtues, but there comes the time when every tree must be removed. For the safety of structures and bystanders below, the tree must be removed. In those sad cases please call S&J Tree Service for, first of all, a frank discussion of the risks involved.

Don’t Put Yourself At Risk

These risks go far beyond falling limbs to, sorry to say, falling workmen. Here’s where S&J’s broad and complete insurance coverages prove invaluable. To you, the home or business owner. Again, for your own financial protection, always, always insist on looking at a prospective tree service’s insurance certificates, certificates issued by a reputable agency and, beyond, the agency’s carrier.

Safe Tree Removal Begins & Ends In Proven Experience

S&J can point to hundreds of landscapes around Sedgwick County where  home or business owners and their landscapes have benefited as a direct result of S&J’s prowess in bringing even the largest, most sprawling trees to earth — particularly with those trees growing dangerously close to adjacent buildings.

At S&J Tree Service, We’re Free With Our Thinking

We know exactly what we’re doing, what we’re going to do, well before the first ladder is placed, the first rope tied on. If you wish, an S&J foreman will share with you our exact plan, limb by limb, for the tree’s removal. And then we’ll go to work. Our seasoned professionals will clamber up and around that tree as appropriately large parts of it come safely to the ground.

And, despite the loss of an old friend, S&J will ensure that the remaining treescape remains as healthy, as attractive as possible. Sometimes, the dangerous tree’s removal brings welcome sunshine to surrounding trees, shrubs, and plants, encouraging their growth and ongoing health.


We Make A Sad Farewell Much, Much Easier

We’ll do everything in our power to have your landscape looking its best as our S&J Tree Service trucks pull away. It all begins with a call.