Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Is Not For The Faint-Hearted, Much Less The Under-Equipped

S&J Tree Service has made a major capital investment in the specialized equipment necessary to remove stumps quickly, completely, and safely.

Stumps are inevitable. No tree removal, in the actual cutting, can avoid a slab of timber remaining at the tree’s base. It’s a fact of landscape life. And the options for dressing a stump up a bit become very limited indeed: plant a ring of flowers, or mount some yard art maybe.

Always Your Best Option: S&J Tree Service

A call to S&J  Tree Service brings an immediate third option, as our massive grinder rolls onto your property, ready to get all gnarly. No matter the hardness or the diameter of the wood, we’ll reduce the stump to sawdust, taking the grind below ground-level so that you can plant over the site. Soon, no one will ever know where S&J Tree Service has done its work.
 We’ll leave the resulting chips for your use as mulch or, if you prefer, we’ll take them with us.

Do NOT Attempt This At Home

One last thought: despite all the articles on the Internet showing you allegedly painless ways of removing stumps yourself, you must reconsider. Please. Stump grinding is always challenging, even for professionals, and worse, it can be very dangerous. Resist the urge to rent a puny little machine of some sort. Come back inside, and call S&J.