Lawn Care

S&J Tree Service Also Takes Care of Lawns

In fact, S&J will manage your turf as if it were your neighbor’s. You know, the neighbor who is so determined that his will be the best-looking grass on the block, when an otherwise nice guy turns all rough-edged and competitive. Call S&J Tree Service, and tell old what’s-his-name to get ready for some envy.

Lawn Care From S&J Tree Service: Your Neighbors Will Notice

You may expect that, on each visit, an S&J crew will mow, trim, edge, clean, blow and, as needed, mulch with the best. And now, we’re licensed for timely application of the fertilizers, weed controls, insecticides, and other ingredients of a gorgeous 21st-century lawn which will most certainly drive grass-proud neighbors bat-crazy.

Again, a call to S&J Tree Service at 316-201-6810 will lead to a demonstration of just how good high-altitude tree-trimmers can be at the much easier task of keeping your lawn picture-perfect, week to week, season to season.