About S&J Tree Service

S&J Is A True Wichita Tree Service

S&J Tree Service could not be more local. Founded in Wichita in 2008 as a family-owned and operated lawn and tree service, our growth and success has come in Wichita alone – no dilution of our capacity for timely care of your trees and bushes, your grass and beds. We’re professional but very personal in an entirely Kansas way. We respond to our residential and commercial clients with emergency service round the clock, every day of the week. We’re here, season after season, year after year, with both routine and restorative care for your lawn-and-treescapes.

No matter your landscaping need, we’re here. Next door. Just down the street. Wichita all the way.

We’ve built a reputation all over Wichita for our abilities in the biggest, most challenging assignments. In the removal, for example, of large trees in proximity to buildings, power lines, and other trees. Or in the reclamation of a lawn far too long ignored. Or in the grinding of massive stumps that lesser tree services have left behind.

Contact Us Today To Find Out Why S&J Is The Most Trusted Wichita Name For Professional Lawn And Tree Service.

Whether you need us for your lawn care, tree trimming, tree removal, or stump grinding, our services are always affordable, honest, and exceptional. It’s our privilege to always go above and beyond the call of duty in order to exceed your expectations. We go the extra mile to make sure that each, and every one of our customers are happy.  S&J Enterprises’ specialty is the biggest and hardest trees most companies won’t take. We are okay with this, we have not had a job yet we could not handle.

Sad Fact: Most Tree-Service Companies In Wichita Carry No Liability Insurance, Let Alone Workers’ Compensation.

And after a storm! The horde of unlicensed, no-insurance hucksters multiplies by the dozens.

Here’s the deal.

You may think of insurance merely as monetary protection from, say, a big limb falling through your roof. While these clean-up and rebuild expenses can be considerable, they pale — they pale badly — in comparison to the liability awaiting you from injury to a worker employed by an no-insurance tree contractor.

S&J Tree Service will show you proof of insurance coverage specific to you and your property. Accept nothing less. Ever.

Are You Ready For Some Hospital Bills?

An injured worker from a tree-service company with no insurance – those medical expenses (clinical, hospital, rehab) will be yours to pay. Oh, and think of the hovering personal-injury  attorneys just waiting to fabricate a case of punitive damages, emotional trauma, pain and suffering to be compensated, just because of the worker’s misstep, his own mistake in a tree belonging to you.

Demand A Certificate Of Insurance, Liability and Workers’ Comp.

Do not settle for some piece of paper pulled from a pickup. The certificate should bear the name of the issuing agency and that agency’s carrier. The coverage must absolutely include workers’ compensation.

Come to S&J Tree Service. We’ll show you, right up front, why you’re safe, why you’re protected, why you’re family’ with S&J Tree Service.

Stop the worry.